We plan our route mostly with the app MapOut, bit with Maps.me or GoogleMaps (mainly to find places to sleep).

MapOut works best off-line, gives a good insight in the profile, with using a minimum of battery.

Please feel free to send us a message if you like to receive a GPX file, please specify the week(s).

When you click on the week number or https and you will be directed to that weekly blog.

Yes we did.


Week 111. And then you reach your goal! Fin del Mundo.

Week 111. Fin Del Mundo

Week 110. 8 days without resupplies!


Week 109. Even with a bug in Franks lungs he still is able to cover some miles

Week 109. Villa Tehuelches to Povenir. Biking in Chile.

Week 108. Last weeks of an epic way of living.

Week 108. AGVP to Villa Tehuelches. Biking in Chile.

Week 106-107. When in Patagonia do as …

Week 106-7. El Chalten to El Calafate. Biking and hiking in Chile and Argentina.

Week 105. Finally hiking Torres Del Paines.

Week 105. Hiking in Torres Del Paine. Chile.

Week 104. Tulips. We hope spring is arriving because cold is a given every day.

Week 104. Pared Sur camping to Tortel/Puerto Natales. Biking in Chile.

By bike

Week 103. Finding back the joy of wild camping on the Carretera Austral.

Week 103. Campground Cerro Castillo to Pared Sur Camp. Biking in Chile.

Week 102. More miles on the Carretera Austral.


Week 101. Who said an island is flat? And yes this is Patagonia.


Week 100. Already 100 weeks on the road.


Week 99. More than 1.300km???


Week 98. Discover how it is to bike together with Gaetan.


Week 97. Strange visitor while wild camping.


Week 96. Route 40, is nothing nothing?


Week 95. Big cities and small villages. Colored mountains.


Week 94. Trying to find some warmer region.


Week 93. Biking OVER the largest salt flats in the world.


Week 92. Biking to the salt flats of Bolivia.


Week 91. Ever been in a teleferic with your bike? We did.


Week 90. Which part do you think was the best: meeting old friends or biking the North side of the lake?


Week 89 To lago Titicaca, hiking rainbow mountain.


Week 88. Biking to Cusco.


Week 87. Machu Picchu, almost to the gate by bike. Bucketlist item.


Week 86. Pineapple and cocoa 🙂

Week 86. San Francisco to Santa Maria. Biking in Peru.

Week 85. Sometimes a finding a place to sleep is a challenge.

Week 85. Huancayo to San Francisco. Biking in Peru.

Week 84. Earthquake, stone forest and best pulled pork ever!

Week 84. Huanuco to Huancayo. Biking in Peru.

Week 83. Feeding a lamb in a truck?!

Week 83. Huaraz to Huanuco. Biking in Peru.

Week 82. Pigs which let them pet and wild camping at +4.600 meter.

Week 82. Pomabamba to Huaraz. Biking in Peru.

Week 81. These are our most memorable weeks ever!

Week 81. Chuquicara to Pomabamba. Biking in Peru.

Week 80. No crowd in the Machu Pichu of the North.

Week 80. Laguna Sausachocha to Chuquicara. Biking in Peru.

week 79. being born in ‘65 and turning 54 while Frank turns  65 the next day, being born in ‘54.

week 78. Still steep! Border crossing Ecuador – Peru.

Week 78. Zumba to Bambamarca. Biking in Peru.

week 77. Runnershigh on a bike.

Week 76. second week back on the road straight to 4.000m

Week 75. Back on the road

Week 74. Galapagos at point B. Bucket-list!

Week 74. Galapagos.


week 73. Puerto Cayo to Guayaquil 500 days on the road and flying back home.


week 72. La Mana to Puerto Cayo

Learn more about banana plantations.


week 71. Cotopaxi to La Mana.

Sleeping giants.

week 70. Otovalo to Cotopaxi.

The daughter of Denise is from Otovalo. Being there is strange.

week 69 Ipiales to Otovalo

the most epic ride through an amazing natural reserve. First week Ecuador is amazing.

Week 69. Ipiales to Otovalo. Biking in Ecuador.

Week 68 El Bordo to Ipiales

Last week in Colombia, some flat roads. and again more climbing!

week 67. Yocoto to El Bordo. Biking in Colombia.

Normally we don’t enter big cities anymore but we don’t mind if we can meet some friends!

week 66. Fresno to Yocoto. Biking in Colombia.

Minus 88km by Jeep.

week 65. Sao Pablo de Borbur to Fresno. Biking in Colombia.

week 64 Chita to San Pablo de Borbur. Biking in Colombia.


week 63 Soata to Chita. Biking in Colombia.

short but oh so beautiful

week 62. Bucaramanga to Soata. Biking in Colombia.

week 61. Mompox to Bucaramanga. Biking in Colombia.

Week 60. Cartagena to Mompox. Biking in Colombia.

Week 59. Sailing from Panama to Colombia.

Week 59. Portobelo to Cartagena. Sailing in Panama and Colombia.

Week 58. Choletta to Porto Bello. Biking in Panama.

Week 56-57. Paso Canoas via Penonome to la Chorrera. Biking in Panama.

Week 56 & 57. Paso Canoas via Penonomé to La Chorrera. Biking in Panama.

Including the visit of Ans and Henk, (km in the car not on the map).

Week 55. Matapalo to Paso Canoas. Biking in Costa Rica.

Week 54. Orotina to Matapalo. Biking in Costa Rica.

week 53. Liberia to Orotina. Biking in Costa Rica.

New country, new discoveries.

week 52 Managua to Liberia. Biking in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


Week 52. 3rd of June till 9th of June 2018. Managua to Liberia. Biking in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

week 51 (and part 50) Oasis Azul to Managua.

El Salvador and Nicaragua

Week 50-51. 14th of May till 2nd of June. Oasis Azul to Managua.

Week 48 (and part 49)


Week 47


Week 46

week 45

week 44 yes we covered more this week!

week 42-43

week 41

Week 40

Week 39

Week 38

Week 37

Week 36


Week 35

Week 34

Week 33, end 27th of January

week 32, end 20-02-2018

map 32

27th of November

Garmin info: biked 8.365 km with 120.309 m ascent and 120.330 descent

2017-11-27 (3)

1st of October, in Torrey, + 5.500 Km done, around 1.750km to go till XMAS


till 1stof September + 4.000 km, pink is what we did

GDMBR 2017-09-01