We plan our route mostly with the app MapOut, bit with or GoogleMaps (mainly to find places to sleep).

MapOut works best off-line, gives a good insight in the profile, with using a minimum of battery.

Please feel free to send us a message if you like to receive a GPX file, please specify the week(s).

Click on the week destination and you will be directed to the weeks report. (Work in progress).

week 70.

week 69

Week 68

week 67. Yocoto to El Bordo. Biking in Colombia.

week 66. Fresno to Yocoto. Biking in Colombia.

Minus 88km by Jeep.

week 65. Sao Pablo de Borbur to Fresno. Biking in Colombia.

week 64 Chita to San Pablo de Borbur. Biking in Colombia.


week 63 Soata to Chita. Biking in Colombia.

short but oh so beautiful

week 62. Bucaramanga to Soata. Biking in Colombia.

week 61. Mompox to Bucaramanga. Biking in Colombia.

Week 60. Cartagena to Mompox. Biking in Colombia.

Week 59. Sailing from Panama to Colombia.

Week 58. Choletta to Porto Bello. Biking in Panama.

Week 56-57. Paso Canoas via Penonome to la Chorrera. Biking in Panama.

Including the visit of Ans and Henk, (km in the car not on the map).

Week 55. Matapalo to Paso Canoas. Biking in Costa Rica.

Week 54

week 53

week 52

week 51 (and part 50)

Week 48 (and part 49)


Week 47


Week 46

week 45

week 44 yes we covered more this week!

week 42-43

week 41

Week 40

Week 39

Week 38

Week 37

Week 36

Week 35F99452D3-79DD-4A10-B501-CA4A4BAEE2AC.png

Week 34

Week 33, end 27th of January

week 32, end 20-02-2018

map 32

27th of November

Garmin info: biked 8.365 km with 120.309 m ascent and 120.330 descent

2017-11-27 (3)

1st of October, in Torrey, + 5.500 Km done, around 1.750km to go till XMAS


till 1stof September + 4.000 km, pink is what we did

GDMBR 2017-09-01