When Sam was taken away from Inge, Harry and Lisa end of 2017 we asked if we could do something for them. They entrusted us with the first and last medal Sam ever won. A swimming medal from just 24 hours before the accident happened.

We were honored we could take this memory of Sam with us and let him travel from San Diego to Baja California, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. He cycled with us for 11,000 km and made our travels even more special. Looking for nice spots which also would be appreciated by a young boy. You may have wondered in the past months,  why you saw a medal in each weekly blog, from week 31 till week 74. They are sometimes clearly visible, sometimes hidden. It was his! 1553496346030

He helped us cross many mountains, made us think more about past and present. About how quickly life can change. About how hard it is to say goodbye.

How difficult it is to talk about loss, because you don’t want to hurt each other even more.

How losing somebody so precious can also bring people closer together and distant relatives become close friends.

You may wonder why you have not seen it in last weeks blog. When we returned home for our winter stop it was also time for his medal to return home. A medal which shows the wear of time as if a boy’s hand had been pulling it out of its secret storage place for a year-long. Now he is back home and has traveled to the next must visit location for boys.

Think about the people you have lost, remember them, talk about the fun things you have been doing with them or would have loved to do with them. Take a piece of the past into your future and keep them with you as they will always be part of you.

With love.

Sam starting his travel.