7th of March 2019.

We will slowly add our remaining gear but also what will change now that we will leave for the second part.

Santos Travelmaster 2.9

Our workhorse. Covered in 16 months + 19.000 km.

8-2018-08-19 Soata_San Mateo-568-2018-07-28 Cartagena-62


Keeping our gear dry.

2017-07-01 Spray Lake_Canyon Campground-41

Nigor Dodo3

Keeping us sheltered during the night. In Canada en USA camped 75%

2017-10-14 Virgin_Hurricane-272017-05-19 Vancouver Island-62017-08-22 Teton Reservoir Frank Abbing


Heating our food.



Keeping us hiking and biking.

2018-10-05 Cotacachi_Otavalo-34