• MapOut: the best planning tool ever. Once downloaded the maps you can draw your own route, see the profile etc. Uses almost no energy, works as a map and saved us several times. Only available for iPhone.
  • iOverlander: the info you find on this map is provided by cyclists, bikers, campers. Giving info on where you can camp, have a good hostal or other important info which is useful.
  • Komoot, Googlemaps, Mapsme. we sometimes use them to see which route they suggest.
  • Fronteras: all the bordercrossings between Argentinian and Chile.
  • Moovit (for using public transport in a big city).
  • Only for the GDMBR we have used paper maps.



MyTello We had to call some government organisations at home which don’t work with Whatsapp (also banks, insurance companies don’t work with a mobile number). This app was awesome, you only need a local SIM with local call minutes and put some dollars on your mytello account. It will call through the local number to where-ever in the world. You can even change your account when you move to an other country (other SIM)


Translator + was for us the best.