Summary. Easy access to countries.

As you may have seen we are writing a weekly blog of biking from Canada to Argentina, i.e. from Vancouver to Usuhaia.

If you would be looking for information on a specific country, please find below the link to the first week in each of the different countries.

From the page you then reach you can navigate to all other weeks in that country.


End of week 51 we arrived in Nicaragua. A country in turmoil and currently at the same time at a standstill.

El Salvador

At the end of week 47 we entered a totally different world, El Salvador. Country in development.


Crossed the border to this authentic, colorful country with very steep hills, in week 46.


Two totally different parts, i.e. mainland and the peninsula, Baja California.

Crossing to mainland Mexico in week 36. Big cities and rural areas. Top museums and indigenous people.

Crossing into Mexico in Baja California in week 31. Getting toasted at part of the Baja Divide Mountain Bike route.


Leaving the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route during week 17 to visit quite a few National Parks.

Crossing the Canadian/USA border during week 9. Continue to follow the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route


After biking from Vancouver to Banff we started the 90% off-road route going South during week 8.

First weeks of trying out our stuff, getting used to being on the road and camping! Canada is a great place to start.