Is Cold Really Cold?

Water of 5 degrees Celsius with ice cubes is great to drink after a long day, but is it as great when you take a bath outside including wind chill factor and an outside temperature of 10 degrees?

Let’s say it was a great experience (the bath) and I hope that this method to achieve the focus to enter a cold environment and stay there for some time, will give me the power to swim more in open water (even if it is cold!) and will make us stronger to cope with cold and extreme conditions.

Why and how: it started with my sport masseur who convinced me to start ending each shower with cold water. This gave me such a boost each morning that after reading about the Wim Hof Method, we did a base course with Rein from Reset Haarlemmermeer, who gave a perfect insight in breathing and stretch techniques. This resulted in taking a cold bath on a bright, but cold afternoon.

Let’s find out if this method will make us stronger, will boost our immune system and if I will jump into open water with less fear šŸ™‚

Some intro to Wim Hof




Frank (65, Dutch) and Jacinta (54, Belgian) together for 30 years. Biking from North to South America.

2 thoughts on “Is Cold Really Cold?

  1. It was great having you here. First to get you in shape for the journey and in then end too get you and Frank in the Basic Workshop of the Wim Hof Methode. You will do well. Keep the breathing low and be open for what’s about too come. Have fun.


  2. Lieve Frank en Jacinta,

    Het is bijna zover. Morgen begint jullie avontuur. Wat ontzettend spannend, prachtig, gedurfd etc. etc. Wij wensen jullie een ongelooflijk mooi avontuur toe, vol prachtige natuur en hartelijke bewoners. Zie jullie over een hele tijd weer.

    Liefs van Niels en Monique


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