Roller coaster

Has the real countdown started? It does start to feel like it. The rooms in the house are starting to get empty (finally!). Things in and around the house in need of repair, which we discovered last minute, or have known for a long time, have almost all been fixed. Warm goodbye parties and dinners are taking place.  But no time yet to bike, to train and get stronger. This gave me a lot of stress, but we now have changed our mindset and agreed that we have plenty of time when starting in Vancouver to buildup our strength. Frank has promised to not push for distance and pace during the first weeks. Having done boot-camp for the past years gave us good core stability. Thanks Henk and Heidi and the whole team for all the good fun and training, at

Other stress factor is that we have not yet tried to pack all the stuff for the trip in the 5 small bags we have. We first want to focus on preparing the house and do all planned and non-planned social activities before this final step.

I sometimes wonder if these final weeks are only a practical roller coaster or also an emotional roller coaster? There are so may things to do, I did not get a lot of time to think and reflect about what is really happening. But sudden emotional outbursts (crying when not needed or being the ice-queen when some emotions are expected) show that a lot is happening behind the scene.

LUV you!


PS this is something we WILL NOT do 🙂



Frank (65, Dutch) and Jacinta (54, Belgian) together for 30 years. Biking from North to South America.

2 thoughts on “Roller coaster

  1. Het komt korter & korter.
    Afscheid nemen van de hakjes en rokjes.
    Succes en we volgen jullie op de voet!


  2. Go with the flow, watch what happens and enjoy the ride.
    Oh yeah ignore the bum feeling in the b.. :-(!


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