9 weeks have passed since our return home to Belgium from Ecuador, to spend our winter stop with family and friends. It was a different home coming than expected as my dad’s and mom’s health were different than expected. Turbulent times in and out of hospitals, but combined with a joyful Christmas (yes we were able to celebrate with the whole family). Alternated with adjusting their home to their changing needs and renovating the apartment we are able to use, made it very hectic weeks. In the back of my mind there is still an urge to write the blog of week 74, our visit to the Galapagos. I promise that you will still get an insight of this interesting corner of the earth before we return to Ecuador! The following weeks will be filled with slowly starting to prepare for our departure on the 27th of March. One off the main focus points will be to find a solution for Frank’s shoulder. Together with Robbert, from Santos, we have probably come up with the best possibility to ensure we can continue as much as possible off-road. Other focus point will be to get to a lighter bike set-up.

Days are getting longer, health of both parents has been stabilized, but with still a bit of concern. Being here when needed is great. Being able to meet family and friends, share emotions, support and getting supported is what we have missed most. But we also now miss the adventure. We miss being outside. We miss the discovery. We miss the easy life of eat, bike, ensure water and food supplies, sleep and repeat.

What do you miss and what is your action plan?

Other fun part is participating in the “hike and bike fair” in Utrecht. Sharing our story on Saturday, March 2nd at the “Wereldfietser (worldbiker)” area with our own space will give us the opportunity to share information and stories with fellow cyclists. Will we meet you there? Or meet you on Friday or Sunday on the Santos booth? Utrecht, 1-2-3 of March.

Stay tuned for the Galapagos update!


  1. We spreken af om elkaar, zoals beloofd nog te ontmoeten voor jullie vertrek.
    Dwat zijn die weken snel voorbij gegaan.
    Net zoals jullie uitkijken naar het fietsavontuur, kijken wij hier uit om de belevenissen te volgen.


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