Oaxaca to El Camaron. 3rd of April – 7th of April.

Week 42-43.

Back and forth.2018-04-04 Oaxaca-78It was good to be able to spend a week in the Netherlands and Belgium. We value the luxury we had of being able to spend time with Carmen & family to say goodbye to her father. Being able to spend Easter with my mom & dad in Belgium was not planned but a great treat. Returning on the 3rd of April to Oaxaca with mixed feelings. You again feel the shortness of life and how things can change so quickly. Are we talking enough? Do we share enough? Are we able to say what we feel? I know I am still learning. Are you?

Bikes and bags are still at Suites del Centro. We already pre-booked one night but after waking very early we know we will have to stay at least for one more night.


It turns into 3 as Frank has again problems with one of his joins, this time his left knee is affected. He only can limb up the stairs and work on the planning for Central America. 2018-04-04 Oaxaca-112018-04-04 Oaxaca-142018-04-04 Oaxaca-79I get an attack of FOMO and wander the streets of Oaxaca, 2018-04-04 Oaxaca-77visit lots of galleries,

The botanical garden,

The market.

Next day I finally also get rid of the ants in my butt and relax with reading etc. and Frank can also walk around again.2018-04-05 Oaxaca-22

Luckily after 3 nights the pain in Franks knee has disappeared and we can get back into the saddle.

Plans can change.

Leaving the city where we planned only to stay 2 nights but finally stayed a full week and added an international trip in between feels good.2018-04-06-oaxaca_san-pedro-totolapan-2.jpgThe largest tree in the world, the Tule tree, we can admire from a distance. We don’t need to take the exit to Hierve el Aqua as we have been there last week. Happy we did that tour during our waiting time for our flight as now we can cover some miles.

Today is a cloudy day, which we don’t mind as we can get used to the heat without the beating sun. 2018-04-06 Oaxaca_San Pedro Totolapan-3Mezcal.

The overpowering smell of burned agave, first step of making Mezcal, reminds us that we are biking the Mezcal route.

Several smaller and bigger distilleries are located along the route. We manage to bike all the way to San Pedro Totolapan, a very small village where we are welcomed by our first tropical downpour.

Lucky they have very basic cabanas, but it seems strange that I have to ask 3 times for 50 pesos change.

In the morning the sky is clear and we realize that it is already Saturday. We push to make it to El Camaron.

A meagre 52 km but more than enough due to the heat; 36 degrees C in the shade at 14:00 in the afternoon. 2018-04-07 Totolapan_El Camaron-722018-04-07 Totolapan_El Camaron-75This in combination with a rolling road makes it time to find a spot to sleep at 16:00 and look for some groceries. A small parade of a Quinceanera is  great to watch.

We notice that the quick start in combination with the heat is getting on our nerves.

To end with a funny note.

In Holland I often said advocaat to avocado. When we just arrived in Mexico, trying to buy some fruit and vegetables from a small truck I could not see them. I asked the owner if he had them with him, but he could not understand me, so I google translated this fruit and he answered in Spanish: no I have not studied for advocate, I just did my basic degree. Now I know I need to ask for aguacate and not advocate.2018-04-07 Totolapan_El Camaron-602018-04-07 Totolapan_El Camaron-69

Will we make more than the 131 km of week 43 in week 44?

How will we cope with biking to sea level and entering a warmer and more humid climate? Stay tuned. Next week a longer blog, promised!





Frank (65, Dutch) and Jacinta (54, Belgian) together for 30 years. Biking from North to South America.

6 thoughts on “Oaxaca to El Camaron. 3rd of April – 7th of April.

  1. We zijn weer bijgelezen en wat een kleurige foto’s. Gelukkig is de join terug in orde. Aan oldtimers komen soms kosten😉


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