Myra Canyon and other

More of the pictures we promised last week. Finally a campsite with decent internet connection. Williamson Lake Campground just outside Revelstoke.

On the way to Myra, first through some puddles. @ Peter and Carmen, tripod is working great! We will try to make more photos with both of us.

Chocolate on the way to ride the KVR trail. Already more than 200 km done!


S-Shape bridge had to be made to to make the rails line up at both sides of the canyon. Pretty neat engineering, if you consider it was constructed 100 years ago. Makes you think of the Marklin trains we had when we were young.

Weather that made us stay at the strange Inn.

Lakes are at their highest water level ever. No danger to us, only for campsites close to the water.

Frank on a new trail, old Okanaga train road.

Okanaga trail (old railway) suddenly ends at a working railroad.

Weston with his treats!

And yes we need to do the laundry 🙂

Story about Reverstoke ao to follow in the weekend.




Frank (65, Dutch) and Jacinta (54, Belgian) together for 30 years. Biking from North to South America.

5 thoughts on “Myra Canyon and other

    1. Hello Lesley,

      So nice to see you’re following us and to receive your feedback. Regarding the puddles; I was so confident I could manage, I did not change my hiking boots for my keen sandals. The boots were wet for 3 days ☹




  1. Dear F@J,
    Nice to receive so many pictures with your comments. Although far away, we feel part of your yourney. Having said, i am a bit closer to you at the moment. Also on 2 wheels. IN the Vercors, south of France. With 35 motorbikers a big tour trough the Alpes. Less sportif as your trip, but a bit quicker. At the moment i am waithing in a garage for changing tires and brakes. They go quick in the mountains. So in the mean time enjoying your website. Have fun and do nt forget to take breaks.
    Love, Henk

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He henk, veel plezier op de motor. Over remmen gesproken, ik heb ook al een paar keer de velgen gechecked om te zien of ze niet te heet werden. Al 55 km/hr geklokt met de bagage die we hebben.

      Zal binnenkort eens een update sturen buiten de blog om. Fatsoenlijk internet is op veel plaatsen een probleem. Hou em recht.




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