The Day


Sunday was THE DAY after the final week of preparations with Saturday the final turn of the front door key, knowing that the new family will move in on Monday. Saturday packed our bike packs for the first time, it just fitted, but we will have to do some downsizing!  Left our campervan with Karin and Peter Saturday, so they can rent it out for the next year (follow their adventures on facebook and did a million other things.

Did it feel strange to prepare the house for a new family? Did it feel strange to leave family and friends behind? Does it feels strange to not have a home, the house that was our home for more than 18 years.

Did it feel strange?

Did it? Yes and no, for me it really felt as if it was meant to be 😊

Mixed feelings all over, even if you know for a long time you will not see your loved ones for more than a year in person, the final goodbyes are weird. It is very mixed because you want to stay and be part of the social life, but it also felt as this really was meant to be. No hesitations, no final doubts whether this was the right choice.

And as my mother said last week when we had our last hug in Hoegaarden: hey it is not a funeral, you are going to do something fun.

So with this attitude and the knowledge that contact is way more easier than 20 years ago when we were living in Indonesia, it felt ok to say goodbye.

It was great to have so many family and friends saying goodbye at the airport, all dressed-up with a great SPINNINGSOUTH t-shirt.

It does feel easier now to say goodbye as we have all those possibilities to follow each other. Because it is not only you guys following us but also we want to know what is happening with you so we don’t miss out on too many things 😊

After an uneventful flight we already discovered yesterday how helpful people are when biking from the airport to our hotel, Spencer waited for us on Arthur Laing Bridge accross Fraser River when he saw we were searching for the right way and he became our personal guide to the hotel! Spencer thanks for all your great help!

Plan for the next two weeks is first to chill, discover Vancouver and reboot. Part will be to camp for a week on Vancouver Island to try-out all the stuff we took with us but which we have not yet tested.


ps did not use excel for weeks!!!

ps2 to see photo’s go to website (click on email)



Frank (65, Dutch) and Jacinta (54, Belgian) together for 30 years. Biking from North to South America.

9 thoughts on “The Day

  1. De 23e vlieg ik naar calgary, wat jammer dat het geen vancouver is! Hadden we nog even kunnen bootcampen :). Geniet van het prachtige canada!

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  2. Hi Frank,
    Goed om te zien dat de extended tour is begonnen. Wens jullie fijne en veilige kilometers zonder lekke banden. Had er gisteren in spanje een, maar dat was op de camping….

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